Peace of Mind with our Lettings Expertise

You can be assured that your property is managed in a secure and professional way. Our commitment to meeting such high standards is our way of showing you that your property is in safe hands.


We are completely transparent in all that we do. We have a simple pricing system with absolutely no hidden fees. We charge a monthly property management fee of 10% and a marketing fee of £195, prices exclude VAT. 


We are a business that is built for the now, with innovative marketing strategies that have one goal – to find you the best tenants possible. Our digital marketing techniques, across portals and social media, create maximum exposure.


As a member of both the CLA (Council of Letting Agents) and the LAS (Landlord Registration Scotland), we demonstrate that our business operates over and above the minimum requirements. 


We have built our business through passion, dedication and hard-work and it’s something that we are immensely proud of. We pride ourselves on our ability to build positive relationships with clients and customers. 


Hassle-free Property Management

Our property management services include:

  • Visiting you at your property and providing a free rental valuation. We provide support and advice to achieve maximum rental profits.
  • Fulfilling all legal obligations. In such a fast-paced industry, we ensure that that landlords are kept up-to-date with rules and regulations, making certain that paperwork and certification is current and correct.
  • Tenant screening. All of our tenants are fully vetted by obtaining and evaluating references and credit checks.
  • Arranging optional Landlord Insurance and Rent Guarantee Insurance. 
  • A written inventory of property conditions and regular inspections to ensure the overall condition of the property is satisfactory.
  • Modern computerised management systems. Detailed statements and rent receipts are provided automatically, efficiently and without delay.
  • Management of maintenance issues during the tenancy. We use a trusted and reliable maintenance team to keep expenditure and cost economical and reasonable.
  • Providing tenants with a 24 hour emergency no. so that any urgent maintenance issues can be dealt with without delay.
  • Confidently dealing with all finances relating to the property such as deposit handling, tenancy deposit fulfillment, rent collection and prompt payment.
  • Making sure that your property is vacant for a minimum period of time. At the end of tenancy, we re-let as soon as possible, ensuring that you receive the maximum financial return.
  • A designated property manager who has been assigned to you and your property.